The Dirty Dirty on the Egg Fast

Egg Fast

Welcome In, Welcome Back

The Dirty Dirty on the Egg Fast

How has the beginning of 2021 been going for you guys?? I have been on the grind getting you guys the best quality content possible. Now, I know you guys have seen a lot of this Egg Challenge business, so I tried my best to tackle this myth for you.

What I found is it is a good job start if you plan to continue the KETO Lifestyle. I however am not. I just cannot wrap my mind around eating all that fat and it being healthy for me. Now do not get me wrong I know there are plenty of people who have been totally successful with the KETO diet, but I don’t want a DIET I want a lifestyle change (something I can continue for a well a lifetime). With all it was great the first few days and then it fell apart. I cannot eat nothing but eggs for 10 days (3 days….5 days max) but for the sake of seeing it through to the end I did my best. Yes, I stumbled…I fell but I made it to the end. By the 10th day I was so over eggs I had stumbled upon a lifesaver cheese and fried eggs!!! It made the day, but I think I ate 8-16 eggs in the last 3 days and managed after it was all over to drop 5lbs.

If you are determined to do this do the research 1st do not just take the word said in videos. Do the research (one thing I did not do, so I am speaking from experience). Here are a few links to help you on the way to your research of the Egg Fast.

Rules and recipes

3 Day Egg Fast

Mama Geek ‘s findings on when she did the 5 day egg fast

What is the egg fast?

My youtube video is a personal account of how the 10 days progressed for me:

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