Wal Mart Haul

Hello ladies,

This haul has been in the works for months. Yes, I said months. If it could happen it did happen and well finally let’s get the show on the road. So of course the items were purchased months ago; who knows some items may have gone to clearance by now, which is a good thing for you guys. Some pieces are clearly summer pieces but still can be worn in the warmer climates well into to Fall. So let’s get this haul started.


Graphic Scooby Doo Tee and distressed jean shorts. You can’t beat this for a leisure outing. The shorts 15.84. You can’t beat that price. They are so cute with flowers embroidered on both legs. The distressing isn’t over the top just enough to qualify as distressing. The Scooby Doo Tee 9.84.


Green Camo VNeck Tee so comfy paired with green stripped drawstring shorts. This outfit would be great for weekend getaway to the county fair or even hitting the estates sales. Camo Vneck $11.97, it also came in red; I got that one too.   Green Stripped Drawstring Short $9.86.

20180826_092141_HDR-1 So excited about these red linen shorts. Can you believe they were only $9.97. These linen short also comes in a blue and white strip. Yes, I got those as well. You can’t beat $9.97. I purchased 2 pair of linen shorts for what I would pay for one pair other places. When did linen become so inexpensive. When you purchase it from Wal Mart. I can see these styled very casual or dressed to the nines for a dinner date or movie with your favorite beau.


Golden Girls graphic tee. SQUAD yes!! When I saw this I had to have it. Who doesn’t love the Golden Girls. It’s simply a conversation piece. It was only 7.84, you can’t beat that for an ionic piece.


This shirt dress is so cute and it only set me back 14.47. Love the blue stripes and the pockets. I love a dress with pockets. Pair this with a cute sneaker and you’re ready for a filed trip with the kiddos or a coffee with the girls. Or better yet another shopping trip to Wal Mart.

20180826_091437-1 Another pair of shorts. Denim 15.84. There is a dark flower embroidered on each leg and the fringe you can’t beat. It adds a bit of flare to the short.

Well that just about does it for this haul from Wal Mart. If you looking to be bougie on a budget Wal Mart is the place to go. I have nothing against knockoffs, but why buy knocks just by quality inexpensive clothes that makes you look like you spent a fortune. Knockoffs send the wrong message. That message I’m trying to be something that I’m not. Shopping at Wal Mart and pulling it together to look like you spent more sends the message that I’ve got myself together and know how to make my hard earned money work for me.

Check out my youtube video: wal mart haul

Size Don’t Matter Be Fierce

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