Fashion and food; food and fashion. Two things that are near and dear to my heart. I’m plus size, BBW, big girl, Sista big bones, fat however you want to say it and yes, I have a personality to match (well at least I think so). So, food ranks high on my list of guilty pleasures and boy can I be guilty at times. Not just any food the best food. Food that tantalizes and tingles all senses. I’m also a southern gal so comfort food is the best (homemade mac n cheese or better yet ramen n cheese…. now that’s some good eatin’. Haven’t had ramen and chees before, well don’t knock it, until you have tired it. Once you have it will become your new bffl (best food for life)

On the other hand, I have long loved fashion. My young years were difficult, yes, I was a chubby child so shopping in the women’s section for clothing at 10 was no fun, it was more like torture. It was great having a mother and grandmother who were truly gifted seamstresses. I was afforded the luxury of being able to wear the same stylish outfits as much twig like counterparts. My grandmother was able to look at any item of clothing remake it; adding of course her own special touches to make it her own one of a kind creation. My mother was the pattern queen she once spent an entire summer making barbie clothes. I never knew how tedious a task this was until the summer my girls requested the same (let’s just say it aint easy. I managed but never again). Now don’t get me wrong I can sew. It gives me an enthusiastic sense of accomplishment to take pieces of fabric and see them come together into one garment. But my passion lies in putting styling looks. Putting together patterns that people don’t think can co-exist together on the same body. I don’t shy away form pattern the bolder the better forget black let’s go with that hot pink or a bold purple. What you say I dare to be bold with my fashion choices, I answer with a resounding yes, haven’t you noticed it isn’t the 60s big girls are taking over. I’m going to take you on a journey of food and fashion like no other. Now sit back buckle in and enjoy the sights, sense, and smells of food and fashion or fashion and food.

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