IMG_20180109_201329_781Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m so glad you stopped by and I hope you will visit me again. Now that you are here it is not all about bitterness but hey it helps. You will will find a plethora of ideas here from lessons to recipes, weight loss ideas or maintenance. and of course a little bitterness thrown in along the way.

Who is the bitter Woman? she can be anybody anyone you have met in life can be a bitter woman.

What makes her bitter? It can be any and everything most people say a spoiled relationship or the lose of a lover. I say poppycock. I am definitely not bitter because of the latter, I’m bitter because it makes me happy, so there. LADIES BE BITTER BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU HAPPY. NOT BECAUSE YOU HAVE LOST A MAN. SMH AND ROLLING MY EYES.


Priscilena Shearon, the orignal bitter woman, yes I just claimed that



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