Out and about

Just headed to the store. Just through this outfit together. Oops, you say it looks that way. Well hush your mouth. As long as I think I look good I do. That’s where the problem lays. We as a nation take into consideration what others think about us. That can wear a person down; make one think less of themselves. As a Chunky but Funky it took me along time not to get caught up in what others thought about my size. As long as I am healthy and pleased with they way I look it should be great with everyone else.

Got a little sidetracked: the fit includes leggings(rainbow), knee boots( DSW), T-shirt and coat(Goodwill) Head wrap (leggings) yes, I said legging. Catch me on youtube or instagram and I will show you how its down.

instagram: @priscilena

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd4zvOGiZ9cB5zZzTmATkmw?view_as=subscriber



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